To put briefly, the crisis that mankind is facing today, is immeasurable and indescribable, though its root cause is unbelievably small and simple. An often erupting question to the young, but which has always remained unanswered by elders is ‘Why mankind couldn’t understand the teachings of all great teachers?’. In other words, it may be called as the ‘communication gap’. Let us go slowly and examine this issue. No problem can be resolved, without understanding the nature, structure and cause of the problem.

All universally acclaimed or great teachers can be said to have been absolutely free. It is essential to note that mere achieving inner psychological ‘freedom’ doesn’t enable one to be abreast with the knowledge of structure and dynamics of the human mind, to enable others to become free. After all the state of mind can’t be transferred to others, but all can share only their ‘knowledge about it’ with others. This is also often called as ‘Self Knowledge’.

Mere addition of the ‘knowledge of dynamics of mind’ into memory also can’t transform the Consciousness. The freedom-seeking Consciousness has to make use of that knowledge and ‘position or allow itself’ to return to the state of freedom naturally. Thus it is evident that all teachers failed to express, convey or give relevant and accurate knowledge that could help others to liberate themselves easily and quickly.

That knowledge is to just ‘stop or pause’ all intellectual or knowledge using activities or becoming free for a moment consciously and deliberately from memory. The tensed consciousness is already eagerly awaiting to return to its free state. So when there is pause for the intellectual or memory using activity, the Consciousness begins to ‘jump’ back to ‘freedom’ on its own naturally or to correct or set itself right.

Just allow some silence to it, Sir. That is enough. Our mere (in)action is needed for returning to the state of freedom, without the use or interference of knowledge. Let us try to understand it with an example, though it is incomplete, rough and crude.

Crudely and inadequately, mind can be compared to a computer, which often ‘hangs’ to a segment of data in memory. It is causing inaccurate ‘perception’ and consequent inaccurate ‘responses’ resulting in chaos. The noted Philosopher J Krishnamurti rightly named it as ‘Conditioning’ (by memory) of the Consciousness or lack of its freedom.

Understanding the structure and principle of functioning of the human mind seems highly difficult for two reasons viz., 1) Process of mind involves swift movement of energy or Consciousness that can’t be observed by eyes or measured through any sophisticated instrument. Visualization can help one understand the functioning of the mind. 2) The disorder in human consciousness isn’t an added, acquired or even a pathological one that can be cured by some external medicines. It is only due to an avoidable error of parents during the growing years of the brain. It can be crudely compared to a manufacturing defect.

The disorder is simply an aberration or the split of consciousness that took place during the growing years of the Consciousness, which also grows along and within the brain, before and after birth for a considerable time. Since it is taking place during the growing years of the brain, it can be likened or compared to a ‘manufacturing defect’. Of course, the silver lining is that it is preventable in children as well as self-correctable during adulthood.

Following graph shows how human knowledge about Consciousness is advancing over the millennia. Yet it hasn’t become 100% effective. Diagram may neither be complete nor accurate as only few teachers have been showcased, whose expressions brought a paradigm shift in understanding the structure and role of ‘Consciousness’. If ‘Self-knowledge’ had preceded other knowledge, the present mess could have been avoided.

                                TIMELINE FOR ADVANCEMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY

The above schematic graph shows that the percntage of effectiveness of each new finding has been increasing, from the pre-vedic period till date.

1. I am the Consciousness — Ashtavakra, Pre Vedic Saint ( 20K Yrs ago)
2. Reason (knowledge in memory) sustains misery — Buddha (563–480 CE)
3. “Aham Brahmasmi” — I’m the God — Adi Shankara (788–820 CE)
4. All problems are due to ‘conditioning’ — J Krishnamurti (1895–1986)
5. Consciousness or the ‘I’ is free and independent in all, in normal state. It perceives and responds to situations by using memory. Split or damage in Consciousness causes ‘conditioning’ with some segment of knowledge in memory, resulting in error in perception & responses, which are causing all problems of mankind — Author, An Independent Researcher in Psychology

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