Problem isn’t with ‘knowledge’, but its User, who can correct himself !

Principles of functioning of the human mind hasn’t changed over the millennia. Only it wasn’t unraveled so far. Perhaps almost all great teachers began preaching or teaching, after seeing the deterioration in quality of human behavior. Most teachers also knew that human behavior involves ‘knowledge in memory’, and began exclusively focusing on improving ‘education’.

2. When education didn’t change ‘human behavior’, then reforms in education began. First reform in education began perhaps as soon as the first school opened on this earth and is continuing at a very fast pace, with no solution in sight to human problems. Reforms in education may often be necessary and useful, but when its user is in trouble, should we not treat or help him first? Since the USER or the Intelligence or the I was invisible, it didn’t strike or it wasn’t thought that there could be any problem with the user of knowledge.

3. All human performances are made up of 2 components: Like any process or work in nature, human performance or action or behavior is also made of 2 components, viz.,e 1) energy and the 2) material used for the process. Here the performer is the human consciousness or intelligence, who is also called as the ‘I’. The material used is the ‘knowledge stored in memory’. Humans are active intellectually or by using knowledge in memory. Life can be compared to a Horse Cart. Here horse is the Dynamic Intelligence or the ‘I’ or Energy, and it always moves along with its cart or the store house of Static Memory and uses it in all its performances. (see above diagram). Imagine, if the horse had an injury in its feet, then it won’t be steady in its movement. It will either be too fast or too slow or inaccurate or excessive in its movement because of limping.

4. Almost all of the human performance is intellectual or ‘memory using’. If human performance or activities have become harmful, dangerous, excessive, irrelevant and even restless, then Knowledge can’t be its cause, however bad the knowledge may be. Knowledge is only a tool or recording in memory and It is the user or the ‘I’, who is responsible for misusing or negligently or carelessly using that knowledge, without discretion. The ‘I’ has lot its ability of discretion due to a small damage in it.

5. Simple understanding of the damage enables us to get rid of the damages: Large number of people today, often seem to be thinking excessively and involuntarily. Essential thinking is Voluntary. But, most of the involuntary thinking is motivated by the damage or duality of the ‘I’. In the default, natural, normal or non-dual state, thinking is voluntary or optional. To return to its natural or normal undivided or unfragmented state, ‘I’ has to stop all its activities and look inwards. When it takes an about turn, all its intellectual activity like thinking stops. One’s eyes are wide open, like that of a child, but one is not thinking. It is called a Meditation State. It is merely ‘not doing anything’ state. Though it may not happen soon or easily, it is to be understood that it is neither impossible nor it takes too long time to begin the process.