The section of mankind that can ‘make or mar’ the world!

Great Teachers, whether Religious, Political or otherwise intellectual, produced and shared their ideas to benefit mankind. Teachers were undoubtedly free or nearly free, but their ideas can’t always be termed complete or accurate, particularly when relating to the liberation of human mind. Eventually, the ideas were brought down or reached to the common people, by carriers or leaders, who were articulate and were able to connect with both the teachers and the common men, because of their maximum freedom, available in the still duality dominant state.

Carriers had their own way of understanding the teachings and it may have added further to the already existing but invisible inaccuracy in the teachings. However, these carriers are highly enterprising and have great drive or energy and are the key movers of this world, and hence are called as ‘make or mar’ people, who occupy a small section of society of nearly 3 to 10 % of population. For them, the motivated hope or dream of success of their venture, obscures the picture of futility of the ‘knowledge centric or dominant’ path. Man doesn’t seem to learn from history, that all such ventures have failed in the past and also are failing even now in trying to bring happiness or to liberate mankind.

Leaders are generally influencing, succeeding and forcibly effective in their ventures, because they have the highest possible amount of intelligence (49%), in duality or the emotion dominant state. They may appear to be often noisy and breaking laws, because they are still dominated and motivated by ‘duality’ or fragmentation of intelligence. They follow, twist or often manipulate the ‘dictum’ given by their Religious, Political or otherwise Intellectual mentors, to succeed in their objectives, whatever it may be or whatever they consider right. In other words, they have the maximum ‘energy or drive’, but their ‘direction’ is slightly off the mark, which is evident by the continuing deterioration of the state of the world and also of the poor and the meek population in the world.

Why buy or sell ‘half truths’, which is like single crop seed that too on subscription basis, when permanently yielding ‘absolute truth’ is available almost inexpensively? When leaders are adept in selling anything to the world, it is unimaginable how effectively they could be, when they get the ‘absolute truth’ in their hands, which benefits them as well as everyone from birth to death in all generations.

Leaders are listed in the Row No.4 in the diagram below, who can make or mar the world.

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