Though Non-dual state is the natural, normal and effortless state ofmind, most of the presently popular, motivated and dominating knowledge often says otherwise, thus delaying freedom to mankind.

When the simple, internal, invisible, silent, sole error in flow of human consciousness couldn’t even be identified for so long, how can its elimination come on top priority?

Unlike other discoveries, Duality or Fragmented State of Intelligence seems to have eluded researchers for a long time.Some of its features and reasons are,

a) Knowledge of duality didn’t become popular, as other knowledge dominated and superseded it.

b) Fall in quality of its own perception couldn’t be easily noticed by Intelligence.

c) Duality motivates achievements externally, rather than taking a step back only once to achieve permanent stability.

d) Duality affects the inner structure of intelligence itself, so its location is invisible.

e) Duality doesn’t affect all humans, always or in all interactions simultaneously.

f) Duality affects only in critical or challenging situations, otherwise all seems ok.

g) Duality doesn’t affect routine external performances or discoveries,

h) Duality created emotional ‘I’, which finds fault out side and not inside to rectify, and finally,

i) Duality, by reaching intolerable levels, may wake up mankind from its semi-slumber some day.

Present situation of duality in ‘I’ is like a calf tied with a long rope, which the calf comes to know, only when it comes to its limit and can’t proceed further.

Unlike external discovery, intelligence has to merely observe its own duality, which is only an internal aberration, and soon it begins to fall away.

What is needed is a paradigm shift in the ‘I’ of coming out of the pool of knowledge its part is attached to or drowned in, so that it becomes free forever.

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