One Page of Psychology as a Pure Science


1. It is often queer that good people are honored and bad people are punished: All babies are born with the same brain and intelligence at birth, but it is a simple avoidable error in bringing them up, which reduces their ability. All babies are potential Buddha or more. The variation in errors causes variations in emotions resulting in a hierarchy in which the least emotional people sit on top, causing downward exploitation. This in turn is resulting in poverty, exploitation, violence and wars. ‘My knowledge is superior to others’ attitude is due to fragmentation, which is breeding wars in mankind. When the ‘I’ is unfragmented, not only it can discover accurate knowledge, but also it will never bond or get stuck with that knowledge. Being free from knowledge is the ultimate freedom of mankind.

2. The difference in studying other subjects and Psychology is in the direction of focus of the ‘I’: To discover other products or processes in nature, the ‘I’ looks outward. However, to study Psychology or mind, the ‘I’ has to look at itself or inwards. Volumes have been written about the activities or applications of the mind, but the Principles of the process of mind were not covered so far. It is for this reason, Psychology couldn’t become a Pure Science and has remained a Social Science.

3. Let us try to study our minds as common people: We are not specialists or experts or some authority. Authorities are generally bound to some or the other kind of knowledge. Possess any or all knowledge, but stay without being bound by them. That is the tip. To become free, only bindings should go, not knowledge.

4. Healthy and normal human minds are only of 2 types, viz., 1) Non-dualistic or Unfragmented state and 2) Dualistic or Fragmented State. Original default Non-dualistic state of mind, is being lost in most of the people, in childhood itself due to an error in upbringing. Most people worldwide are in the Dualistic State, particularly the knowledge specialists. Since fear or withdrawal is a divided part of the same ‘I’, it motivates or prompts the main or remaining ‘I’ or intelligence to use its ability to act or perform. (‘dualist’ is a coined word here for convenience).

5. Humans are like Independent Sophisticated Biological Computers: Human beings are mobile, discreet with lifelong energy producing metabolic system, which can also correct itself from most diseases and injuries, et all. They can be said to have evolved into fine biological mechanisms to discover, live life fully and protect the self and environment completely. Due to duality, not only the extra ordinary ability is lost, but a large part of mankind has become unable to live un-conflictingly even like animals.

6. Study of mind has to begin from the ‘I’, or its dynamic core or energy, towards its outer wear of ‘knowledge’, which is always changing. Human mind is a natural process, made up of 2 components, viz., 1. Energy or Intelligence or the ‘I’ and 2) Knowledge in Memory.


7. In the above diagram: A : The ‘I’ is the flowing Energy or the dynamic part shown as I, which is same in all human beings. In diagram 2, only because the ‘I’ is damaged or fragmented, the ‘I’ has lost its discretion in those conditioned areas. It is stable in some areas and varying in its conditioned or emotional states, marked in Red. Higher the amount of conditioning, higher the amount of provocation into violence.

B: Lifeless or Static part or Memory is shown as B. This can’t be same, as knowledge or experience has to vary in all inevitably. Everyone’s history is different.

8. Non-dual Psychological State comprises of 2 modes as below :

1 a) Meditation or Childlike State, where The ‘I’ is fully in senses, as shown in diagram 1 a) which means the memory is not used, though it is there. There is only perception but there is no response.

1 b) Normal Active State: Intelligence or ‘I’ functions as follows as shown in diagram 1 b. 1) Perceives external events or situations through 5 senses, 2) Processes by using memory by thinking and analyzing, 3) Responds by matching speech or action by limbs instantly, 4) Perceives signals of urges of protection and procreation and responds discreetly in its unfragmented state.

9. Dual Psychological State has no meditation mode : It is almost always in thinking mode, whether in conditioned thinking or in unconditioned thinking. It is interesting to note that the Dual Psychological State is not always facing or experiencing duality or the conditioning. Yet, it is unable to meditate, because it needs complete attention in senses, whereas, a part of intelligence is stuck in a piece or segment of knowledge in memory, as conditioning. Meditation is possible, after duality ceases completely. It is dualistic only in certain conditioned areas, and this varies in volume and in different people. Following diagram shows how Duality has created a hierarchy of fragmented Intelligence in Society.

The performance of the ‘I’ can’t change easily, without changing its mindset or removing its fragmentation. For instance, people who are involved in destroying the environment, can’t easily stop it, even if it is ending of lives for all.

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