Can mankind afford to allow and also ignore this ‘manufacturing defect’?

Can mankind afford to allow and also ignore this ‘manufacturing defect’?

Accuracy, Brevity, Clarity, Relevance to Topic in expression on the part of the speaker or writer and ability to understand on the part of the listeners or readers, together are likely to cause an effective communication. It isn’t necessary to accept what the speaker says, but understanding is enough to open up unexplored areas and new possibilities.

One of the greatest problems of mankind is managing the problems of conflicts and violence, both within and outside the family. Various kinds of punishments, therapies, meditations and moral education seem to be temporary and palliative, because the disturbed intelligence replicates conflicts characteristically. The only way out seems to be to permanently prevent and eliminate the cause of conflicts.

Objective of this author is to discuss with fellow human beings, about an error being committed by elders in raising children, which can be compared to a ‘manufacturing defect’, because it is happening during the growing period of the brain. Hence, the question is whether mankind can afford to commit and also ignore the error, which is responsible for all its problems.

It is undeniable that nature has only one model of human brain and so all people can be said to have same type or model of the brain. Hence, being a produce of the brain, even the consciousness or intelligence has to be the same in everyone, in its basic structure, principles of operation and performance. Thus in its restful, alert, not-using-memory, meditative, default, primary, or childlike state, all humans must be able to perceive and respond absolutely similarly and thus without conflicts, in all situations.

Default state of intelligence is like the state of preset ‘zero reading’ in measuring instruments or gadgets, generally set before measuring a new event, as in gas station flow meters or weighing machines. If it isn’t reading zero, before using it or without any load, it is said to have a calibration error. Similarly only a ‘non-zero or conditioned intelligence’ can’t look newly, freshly, accurately and unbiasedly at the new situation.

Due to a similar error in perception, often people see the same situation differently and also respond differently to the same situation, thus causing conflicts. This error is due to a structural damage in the ever flowing consciousness, often causing dual and inaccurate perceptions. Fortunately, this damage is preventable in children and also reversible in adults.

This natural or zero state of perception of intelligence begins at birth for every human being. Unfortunately and gradually, it is lost in small children, due to a simple and avoidable error committed unknowingly and involuntarily, by parents or elders, in the early growing years of the brain.

This error in various proportions has caused a hierarchy of intelligence in human society, with least disturbed persons remaining at the top and highly disturbed people at the bottom and the middle class in between.

After the brain and the consciousness has grown fully, it is obvious that such a ‘manufacturing defect’ can’t occur in human intelligence or consciousness.

It is true that all human beings enjoy life in harmony and have unanimity in routine situations every day. However, in challenging situations, individual and organized conflicts arise often. For an unfragmented Intelligence, no situation is challenging, because it is not sticking to a standard or pre conditioned idea of the situation.

If not all, most people, at some time or other in their lifetime, can be heard talking or wishing for a ‘change or liberation’ of the human mind or life. This proves that there is a problem that is real and universal, but since it is not bothering all people at the same time, always or continuously, no one seems to be clear about what exactly has to be done and where.

However, if we are intelligent, we shall find a solution to ensure peace, prosperity and happiness in mankind, and this author can’t give a pill now for an instant change. Each one has to return on his own to the natural state, which is common to all.

Most religious texts have been saying that ‘truth alone can help liberate mankind’. In the present scenario of the unknown, hidden or invisible bondage of mankind, it may be obvious to say that Truth was either not-perceived or not-presented by any teacher effectively, so far. Nevertheless to help attain liberation or psychological freedom, the required truth has to be relevant, essential and effective enough, when used on themselves or on others.

In other words, that truth has to be universally effective and applicable. Further, interestingly and may be factually, if truth can be said to liberate mankind, the opposite also has to be true, that some untruths may have been causing or sustaining the bondage of mankind, which may get eliminated, if and when merely unraveled.

All authorities failed to liberate mankind from misery or disturbance, because they mistook misery arising from external behavior only. They preached human behavior as arising from ignorance. So, they went on giving new knowledge on behavior, which was not effective. Intelligence or the ‘I’ is both the producer and user of knowledge. Damaged or disturbed ‘I’ often produces inaccurate knowledge, which can bind or condition others. Accurate and true knowledge can never bind others.

Even a disturbed Intelligence or the ‘I’ can perceive accurate knowledge and pause or halt its own involuntary intellectual activity for a while. Then naturally the ‘I’ gets an opportunity to shake off its aberration to return to its default or pure ‘I’ state. Amazingly, the inbuilt characteristic of any living organ or process is to effortlessly regain its natural state, when rest is provided to it.

Presently Psychology or the Science of the Mind, is classified as a ‘Social Science’, because there are no universally applicable, acceptable or replicable laws or principles in it.  Pure Sciences like Physics and Chemistry are the collections of unraveled laws and principles that govern matter, energy and processes in nature. Scientific findings are generally said to be rational, reasonable, replicable and universally applicable. Present challenge for the disturbed Intelligence in mankind is merely to get rid of its disturbances to become natural only and nothing else.

How to protect Intelligence in children from getting permanently fragmented?

  1. Undoubtedly enormous amount of research work has been done on the visible parts of the human brain such as neurons, left and right brain etc., but in vain
  2. Let us discuss now about the ‘I’ that is common in all and at all times, when we are awake and even in dreams, which may be very important
  3. Great men may have expressed differently that the ‘I’ is undesirable and hence should be eliminated.
  4. However, this author perceives that the ‘I’ is natural and essential and it should only lose its aberrations or damages to function freely and naturally.
  5. It is undeniable that there is only one type or model of the brain in all human beings, all over the world
  1. Consciousness, Intelligence and the ‘I’ are different facets of the same phenomenon
  2. The ‘I’ is the produce or outcome of the brain, which is basically the same in all and is also capable of being stable, free and  independent
  3. The ‘I’ is a manifestation of energy in brain and hence they both grow up together
  4. Human brain functions roughly like a computer in its perceptions and  responses
  5. Hardware, Software and Power Supply together make a computer to work
  1. In all human brains, hardware is of the same type, software isn’t required and memory stores all old perceptions
  2. Energy or Power is supplied to the brain and there it is manifested as Intelligence or ‘I’
  3. The ‘I’ perceives and responds to situations by processing and using the memory
  4. Principle of Operation and Structure of Intelligence or ‘I’ are same in all, at birth
  5. External bodily hurts can often cause temporary structural damages to the growing ‘I’ or consciousness, but generally it corrects on its own, naturally after a while
  1. However, some structural damages can become permanent, if the returning or correcting process is halted by the interference of pampering by elders
  2. This damage is like division or forked power supply, causing dual perceptions
  3. Natural, original, main or operating intelligence perceives its own structural damage as pain or instability, which is generally referred to as misery
  4. Intelligence or the ‘I’ generally and habitually  escapes its perception of misery by engaging in thinking or indulging in Repetitive Intellectual Activities
  5. Intelligence often perceives misery or other emotions first and then blame it on an external cause or even vice-versa
  1. This structural damage or fragmentation often causes haphazard perception and responses, resulting in conflicts with similar responses of others
  2. It may be interesting to study how this division in consciousness may take place
  3. Brain (or intelligence) is grown only 25% or ¼ of its full size at birth of the baby
  4. After baby’s birth, it takes 5 long years for the ‘I’ or intelligence to grow fully
  5. In the first 5 years, children have tender body and nascent vulnerable intelligence
  1. Growing Intelligence is weak, so it can’t perceive high intensity hurts on body
  2. Unperceivable Physical Hurts send impulses of high intensity to senses center of brain
  3.       Being unable to perceive impulses fully, intelligence or ‘I’ gets divided or fragmented.
  4. It is normal for children to cry after hurts and return to normalcy after a while.
  5. However, due medical attention is a must for every hurt or crying child
  1. After giving medical attention, one may stay with child, but without pampering
  2. Pampering is emotional intervention that prevents the child to return to stability
  3. May pretend to ignore, but observe the crying child, till it returns to normalcy
  4. Pampering is harmless at all times, except when the child is hurt or crying
  5. Freedom and safety can be ensured to the child even in a protected cubicle
  1. Then the need for pampering and its consequent ill effects will not arise
  2. Pampering during crying stops this process of the ‘I’ in returning to normal state.
  3. Pampering done to stop the child’s crying, causes permanence of fragmentation.
  4. Situation of the world reflects the average performance of mankind
  5. When the actual diagnosis of the problem is found, cure may not be far away

A simple formula for protecting the stability of Intelligence of children is:
Don’t pamper children, when they are hurt and/ or crying, but treat them medically
Such children won’t become dependent or addicts to escapist drugs and other habits.
This is a synopsis of the eBook by Prasanna, Independent Researcher in Psychology. His eBook is available at   or

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