2. Intelligence is the producer and user of Knowledge

Intelligence Vis-a-vis Knowledge

“Oh, the root of misery is duality. There is no other remedy for it except the realization that I am the consciousness…”—- Ashtavakra Samhita II.16

Isn’t it high time for the discerning and serious to discuss and understand the structures and roles of Intelligence and Knowledge and relationship between them?

Intelligence or the ‘I’  is the energy and it perceives external situations and stores it as Knowledge. In other words, Intelligence produces, uses, consumes, analyzes, mixes, transmits or conveys knowledge to others. Knowledge is the lifeless recording of past perceptions or information stored in memory. Intelligence is the dynamic entity, which has the option and discretion to use. Memory is like swimming pool of knowledge. Intelligence or I is the swimmer. The default state of the ‘I’ is being outside the swimming pool. However, it can toggle between the pool and outside, as many times necessary as possible.

Intelligence, as this author has discovered, isn’t different from the ‘I’. Then what is It is preventing the ‘I’ to say or accept so. Needless to state, that its own structural damage, fragmentation or division is causing this paradox, that has made the ‘I’ to believe and say that it ‘has’ the intelligence. Who else, can say that it has intelligence in its pocket, other than an illusory or aberrated ‘I’?

Unique cells in the human brain produce Intelligence or consciousness or the ‘I’, which is the manifestation of energy supplied from the body. Body feeds the brain to produce intelligence, which in turn perceives and responds to external situations and also takes care of the body. Anything that is produced or formed in nature is also subject to risks of damage in its process.

In the just born child and even for some time later, Intelligence is in its pure, alert, non-indulgent and relaxed form. Intelligence in the child is just observing and is only responding to natural instincts of hunger and bodily hurts. It isn’t thinking or processing the knowledge, because there isn’t any knowledge in its memory. However, even after the knowledge is acquired and gets stored in memory, it is just normal and natural for the ‘I’ to remain alone and independent of memory, but with option and discretion to use memory as and when required. Why then humans are almost always using knowledge or thinking that too needlessly and excessively? It is the precise and essential question that when correctly answered, can help eliminate the root cause of the whole problem of mankind.

Accidental damage followed by an avoidable error of elders in raising children during in the growing years of the brain, is responsible for the permanent partial loss of this innate or natural ability of freedom and discretion in early childhood itself. It is merely an extreme or unnatural external interference of elders, which is enough for the highly sensitive growing intelligence to stall its own correction and remain damaged lifelong.

If there is a letter, article, pronoun or even an entity, which is the most widely known and used, but never understood so far, it is probably the ‘I’. One reason for the lack of its understanding may be that it is often and involuntarily changing its form, position or state and its areas of operation, due to motivation by its own internal damage. When we understand different states of the ‘I’, we get to understand the process of the mind in its entirety.

Intellectual expression or example can never become the thing it represents. Still it is often a useful hint for understanding others expressions. Following diagram is only schematic and it depicts the ‘I’ in its independent state from memory and its fragmented state, where it is partly and permanently dependent on replaying some selective area of knowledge in memory.

Schematic diagram showing the various states of the ‘I’

In Fig 1, it can be seen that the Main Operating Intelligence is independent or free from the memory, but with option and discretion to use it. In Fig 2, it can be seen that the Intelligence or ‘I’ is damaged or divided. In order to balance that instability, the Main Operating Intelligence is slanting and partially stuck in certain area/s of the memory replaying the same thing again and again, as in Religious and Political Ideologies. This is called as ‘conditioning’.

In Fig 3, it can be seen that though the ‘I’ is partially ‘conditioned’, it is also able to accurately perform particular type of tasks by deeply engaging in specific knowledge areas. This faculty is called as ‘skill’. Skill is often a focused and cultivated ability of intelligence, which is not a solution or an alternative to freedom from conditioning. Skill is possible in the physical or intellectual performances or in combination of both.

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